Legal Psychology Courses

At the graduate level, our faculty provide training in a variety of areas, including advanced seminars in- but not limited to- eyewitness testimony, child witnesses, actual innocence and wrongful convictions, basic cognitive and social psychology, and methodology. Graduate level seminar courses rotate each semester and vary each year. Students should contact the Director of the Legal Psychology program for graduate course information and schedules.

Undergraduate students interested in legal psychology have a wide variety of courses they can choose from. Although undergraduate can only earn a BA without specialization in psychology, there are specific class related to areas of legal psychology they should consider taking. Our faculty and graduate students often are the instructors for these classes. Undergraduate students should speak with an Academic Adviser in the Department of Psychology before selecting and registering for classes.

Legal Psychology focused undergraduate courses

  • EXP 3523 Memory and Memory Improvement
  • EXP 4604 Cognitive Processes
  • SOP 3004 Introductory Social Psychology
  • SOP 4522 Social Motivation
  • SOP 4842 Legal Psychology
  • PSY 4913 Senior Seminar on the Psychology of Wrongful Convictions